USA Today, December 19, 1996

This article titled, "Teacher has grossing kids out down to a science" quotes Ms. Branzei stating " love gross things.If I can go ahead and teach them science using gross things, then I'll have all these kids who want to learn science."

 CBS This Morning, December 31, 1996

Host Jane Robelot apologized to her mother berfore she said the words "snot, crap and fart" while three young students, who were demonstrating fake snot, giggled. Simple proof that the science of Grossology is an "angle that children are fascinated with."

 CNN Headline News, January 31 1997

"Gross experiments are on the agenda....(Sylvia) get's some of these ideas teaching Jr. High School for 15 years...No surprise there."

 People Magazine,Gross Profits, March 18, 1996

"If you are offended by gross bodiliy functions, please stop reading here."

 "Jeopardy", September 13, 1996

Alex Trebek presented Children's Lit for $1,000 as, "Sylvia Branzei recently grabbed kids' attention with this 'repulsive' book about the body." The question, of course, "What is Grossology?"

 "Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends" ABC Daytime, September 4, 1996

Ms. Branzei stirred up some wounds and snot recipes for the gagging hosts. "There's a science to all of it, so it's a way to teach science," said Caryl, "and it's really a way they (kids) will pay attention."

 "Talk Soup" E! Entertainment , September 5, 1996

Featured Sylvia's "Caryl & Marilyn" appearance. Host Jim J. Bullock boasted "according to Sylvia, the body makes 1 liter of snot per that's a lot of snot folks!"

 "Dayside," MSNBC's Morning Show, November 16, 1996

Host Perri Peltz interviewed Ms. Branzei on this live national cable show while Sylvia demonstrated the chemistry lesson behind fake snot.

 "Mark and Brian"KLOS-FM October 4 and 18, 1996

Mark and Brian had a great time reciting the gross facts of life on October 4th and on the 18th, Sylvia Branzei spoke candidly with them about Grossology and answered questions from outside callers.

 KGO TV/ABC Channel 7 News, November 27, 1996

San Francisco newscasters Dan Ashley and Terilyn Joe reported Grossology as their "Special Assignment" focusing on how kids "pour over gross facts."

 KABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News, October 19, 1996

This media event included hands-on workshops at the Los Angeles Children's Museum with Ms. Branzei making fake blood and fake snot with enthusiastic children.This piece was sent nationally to other ABC affilliates via satellite.

 King Features, October 24 1996

This syndicated article was supplied to more than 600 newspapers throughout the country as part of their weekly "Education Today" section.

 The Hollywood Reporter, June 27, 1996

"Matinee Entertainment has optioned Planet Dexter's best-selling children's book Grossology to be develop into an animated television series, as well as a licensing and merchandising campaign."

 Publishers Weekly, The Great Gross-Out, May 13, 1996

"Grossology started the icky avalanche in the publishing world.....bringing toe jam and ear wax to the clamoring masses."

 San Francisco Examiner, November 19, 1996

This article welcomes us to the world of Sylvia Branzei who is quoted "I realized I was successful when one little boy traded all his Halloween candy for my book."

 Dark Horse comics-Spumco Comic Book
  Issue No.2, Volume No.1 October 24 1996

This educational segment about boogers disclaims "If you are an adult, we encourage you to skip this page of knowledge and go straight to the picture entertainment because it's too late for you to learn anything new."

 Oakland Tribune November 19, 1996

"That's gross!" splashed across this newspaper encouraging all to sing "Wake up in the morning / Put your feet on the floor / Do the 50 yard dash to the bathroom door / Diarrhea, diarrhea!"

 Subrights Letter, July 15, 1996

"Take a few facts, add some fiction and a large dose of gross" is how the article described Grossology.
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The Science of Really Gross Things

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