1996........Amy Carlson

Have you always been interested in your bodily functions? Do your friends find the sounds your body makes fascinating? Has a career in deoderant testing ever crossed your mind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to read Grossology by Sylvia Branzei.

On the cover of Grossology: the science of really gross things, a baby is pictured in the action of projectile barfing " ... a stream (of puke) that shoots across great distances." Plastic barf is even stuck on the cover and on the back is a magnifying glass, allowing the amateur grossologist to closely examine the puke and other disgusting pictures in the book. Inside the table of "grosstents" are three main categories of bodily functions: "slimy, mushy, oozy gross things; crusty, scaly gross things; and stinky, smelly gross things." Under these headings, such things as farts, burps, poop, eye gunk, and ear wax can be found.

Sniff Highlights from Grossology include the words to the diarrhea song, disgusting animated pictures, directions on how to make fake wounds and a picture of deodorant testers smelling the armpits of obese men

a book for excretory experts, intestinal inquisitors, or just kids who want to make their parents gag.

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